[Dbix-class] FW: DBIC and Informix

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Thu Sep 13 14:25:18 GMT 2007

On Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 09:26:48AM +1200, Robert Carew wrote:
> Sorry for the delay in responding. I would be interested in helping out with the Informix aspects of DBIC but I have never participated in this type of project before so I am not quite sure what is involved. Is there a web page somewhere that explains all this. what version control system are you using. I am familiar with TLA and Sub-Version but not really with CVS. Perhaps we could take this offline.

We're using svn, although most of us use the svk client for it which is
rather handier.

If you can get onto #dbix-class on irc.perl.org we can walk you through stuff;
if you can't get onto IRC grab me offlist and we'll sort it out either by
mail or IM of some sort.

> I am having problems with DBIC, Informix and lvarchars but I suspect this is a known problem with the Informix drivers and 32 bit Linux (Ubuntu in my case). I may need to override s method somewhere.

Hmm. DBD::Informix docs say to update BYTE and TEXT blob columns you're going
to need to sort out the bind_param stuff (in the same way it's already done
for Oracle and Pg), have no fscking idea about lvarchars at all.

> Also I made a stupid error of misspelling a column name which caused Catalyst do do strange things but there was no error message in the log from DBIC, perhaps it was being supressed somewhere. Any clues?

The stacktrace plugin can very occasionally eat an error. I -think- there's
some other condition where Catalyst will eat an error message but nobody's
ever given us a reproducible test case for it. If you get one together chuck
it at the cat list please.

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