[Dbix-class] Startup speed still too slow?

Ben Hitz hitz at genome.stanford.edu
Wed Mar 19 00:31:57 GMT 2008

> The solution (executive summary) was:
> * move load_components() into a base class, use base that class on  
> all the sources (mst suggestion);
> * replace custom "load_classes" loop with the basic load_classes()  
> and a loop over sources (tracked down after a message from Hartmaier  
> Alexander).
> With this two changes, the load time is now:
> melo at MrTray:lib $  time perl -MWG::S -e  1
> real    0m2.058s
> user    0m1.818s
> sys     0m0.096s

Anyone had any luck getting this down below 2 secs?   I have 111  
(Oracle) tables running on a not-particularly-fast old Sun V880.
Going to a base class wiith "load_components('Core') shaved off 0.4 sec.

I need to cut this time down to run AJAX queries ....



Ben Hitz
Senior Scientific Programmer ** Saccharomyces Genome Database ** GO  
Stanford University ** hitz at genome.stanford.edu

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