[Dbix-class] Startup speed still too slow?

Byron Young Byron.Young at riverbed.com
Wed Mar 19 01:05:14 GMT 2008

Ben Hitz wrote:
> Anyone had any luck getting this down below 2 secs?   I have 111
> (Oracle) tables running on a not-particularly-fast old Sun V880.
> Going to a base class wiith "load_components('Core') shaved
> off 0.4 sec.
> I need to cut this time down to run AJAX queries ....

IMHO that you look into something like mod_perl or fastcgi for speeding up your ajax requests.  That way, the page your ajax request queries already has the modules loaded.  If the modules are already loaded, just doing the database queries plus whatever logic is in your page ought to be quick.


> Thanks,
> Ben

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