[Dbix-class] SQL Function in update

Ronald J Kimball rkimball+dbixclass at pangeamedia.com
Mon Mar 31 16:03:01 BST 2008

Yes, it's another question about using SQL functions in an update.  I 
know I can pass a reference to a string containing literal SQL, as in:

$row->update({ mydate => \ 'NOW()' });

However, in this case I need to pass arguments to the function, one of 
which needs to be quoted.  Here's what I'm using right now:

my $date = DateTime->now();
my $until  = "GREATEST(paused_until, " .
              $schema->storage->dbh->quote("$dt") . ")";

$row->update({ paused_until => \$until });

Ideally, I could do something like this:

$row->update({ paused_until =>
                 { GREATEST => [ \ 'paused_until', $dt ] } });



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