[Dbix-class] how to determine column is inflatable?

Ash Berlin ash_cpan at firemirror.com
Thu Jan 29 22:51:23 GMT 2009

On 29 Jan 2009, at 22:03, Carl Franks wrote:

> Is it okay to use $result_source->column_info('name')->{_inflate_info}
> to test whether a column is inflatable / deflatable?
> It seems a bit too reliant on internals, to me.
> Or should there be a has_inflatable_column('name') method?
> (and is that what it should be called? do we really also need a
> 'has_deflatable_column' too?)
> If someone makes a call, I'll write up a patch for it.
> Carl

There doesn't seem to be a public way to determine this, and indeed  
accessing anything starting with an _ indicates badness.

First things first - what exactly do you care if a column is inflated  
or not?

Secondly, do you treat relationships as inflated or not?


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