[Dbix-class] Who wants to be rid of the "Unknown Error" w/attributes bug on 5.10?

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Mon May 11 19:32:44 GMT 2009

Because I know you guys all hate it. Certainly the ones using Catalyst heavily.

Well, it's been fixed in bleadperl for a while, but in order to get that out
we require a 5.10.1 - and to get a 5.10.1 we needed to fix all the bugs that
were in smartmatch in 5.10.0 because not enough of us tested the dev releases.

So, rgs has updated the smartmatch POD, and the code, and the tests.

Because rgs is wonderful.

But given how much trouble we had with the 5.10.0 version it almost certainly
wants more tests and the time for being sure of 5.10.1 features draw nigh. So.


Here is a repo. Fork it. Try and break it. If you succeed, note how that break
departs from the spec. Send pull requests to rjbs as often as you're sure is
a good idea so he can keep everybody in sync.

Go on. Go! GO GO GO GO GO!

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