[Dbix-class] DBIC + Validator back again

Ulrich Kautz uk.lists at fortrabbit.de
Sat Feb 27 00:21:30 GMT 2010


i have restarted my DBIx::Class::Data::Validator project. Didnt find any
other current implementations (besides DBIx::Class::Validation which we
discussed back then) of this problem neither in this list nor on CPAN,
so i thought it might still be usefull..

In short:
Fusing Data::FormValidator with DBIx::Class for validation within in the
I use it in a Catalyst project of mine to perform validation centralized
(not in the controllers..).

How it works:
* Column validation: define validation constraints in the column definition
* Validation profiles: Use multiple named profiles for complex
validation scenarios
* Native validation: validate data based on DBMS column datatypes..
  * Validation classes: define your own, more complex types/classes and
re-use them
* Runtime modification via named methods (declare name of to be used
method in model and the code for validation at runtime)

* More DBMS validation
* Better runtime modifications (works only on update, not update_all nor
create so far)
* more testing -> release on CPAN

There current preview can be downloaded here:

Some tests are included. More testing is very welcome. Some native
english speaker for (re)writing the documentation even more.

Greets from Berlin
Ulrich Kautz

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