[Dbix-class] seeming error in Manual's CD db example

Peter Rabbitson rabbit+dbic at rabbit.us
Thu May 13 09:22:03 GMT 2010

Darren Duncan wrote:
> Darren Duncan wrote:
>> http://search.cpan.org/dist/DBIx-Class/lib/DBIx/Class/Manual/Example.pod 
> Generally speaking, I'm coming up with a number of clean-up ideas with
> the above, where I mentioned one already, and here's another:
> It seems that the terms 'album' and 'cd' are being used interchangeably,
> such that the database table is called 'cd' but the hash its data comes
> from is called 'album'.  Now, these are albums and not just cds, because
> they have names and such.
> I propose changing the example to call the table 'album', the class
> 'Album', and so on.
> Or alternately, rename the %albums hash to %cds, but I like the first
> idea more.

Album is not used anywhere else from what I can tell, so for consistency
I would recommend 'CD' (and CDs have titles too, I am not sure I understand
your contrary argument).

> P.S.  This scrutiny is coming up because I'm translating that Example to
> another language, and while I'm generally trying to be faithful to the
> original I am also doing some cleanups on the way; I hope this may
> filter backwards.

I hope so too! Could you get a checkout of [1], and make changes as you go
along? Then simply send us an svn diff and we'll apply it (with possible
minor adjustments).


[1] http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/repos/bast/DBIx-Class/0.08/trunk/

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