[Dbix-class] Next problem with 0.8126 , many-to-many an +colums

Rolf Schaufelberger rs at plusw.de
Tue Jan 18 13:48:13 GMT 2011

Hi Peter, 

the only thing so far seems to be another bug (or new feature) that is now fixed and "breaks " or code:

We had a search like:

   my $prrs  = $proto->attributes({ },
 			      { join     => 'price_key',
				'+select' => ['price_key.id', 'price_key.key' , 'price_key.mode'],
				'+as'     => ['pkid', 'key', 'mode'],
  where the table "attributes"  AND "price_key" both have a column  "key".

  With 0.8121 this worked, with 08126_01 we get 

  DBIx::Class::ResultSet::first(): inflate_result() alias 'key' specified twice with different SQL-side {select}-ors

  So, since   this is an error in our statement we fixed it. 
  (Don't ask me, if  key now contained  attributes.key or price_key.key, we actually didn't  use the value :-) 
  We haven't seen any other issues so far.

Am 18.01.2011 um 11:36 schrieb Peter Rabbitson:

> Rolf Schaufelberger wrote:
>> Hi Peter, thanks  for your explanation. Spent the whole last evening with debugging, without finding out whats going wrong. The   [{ mode => 'me.mode'}]  works as wanted.
> Awesome. Have you noticed any other problems while testing with
> 0.08126_01? Or everything worked just as expected?
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Regards Rolf

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