[Dbix-class] Can't find source in DBIx::Class::Schema::resultset()

tzacos at free.fr tzacos at free.fr
Fri Oct 7 15:14:26 GMT 2011

> [...]
>You can avoid all of this by defining your Schemas manually (i.e.
>just dump them once, remove the "DO NOT EDIT" comments, format the
>files nicely and name your classes, tables, columns and relations
>how you like). It seems more reliable that way (you can create your
>tables with "deploy" method based on the Perl class definitions).

On all of this, i 've used the DBIx to extract object from an already set database. So i don't have to deploy from the DBIx loader.
For all the 's' stuff, anyway, as soon as it works, it is fine to me :)

>You should write instead:

>use lib 'lib';
>use OGS2::Schema;

I didn't know i could to this like that. i'll try then.

The same thing with the other "use":

> use lib::OGS2::Schema::Result::Regle;

But in Regle.pm the "s" logic has bitten you also:

> package OGS2::Schema::Result::Regles;

It is just a wrong file copy/paste.
i've used all accordingly with no result.
But i'll check again, and i'll redo a new Loader, with all old file deleted.

>...although actually you do not need that at all, because in Schema.pm
>you have:

> __PACKAGE__->load_namespaces;

>...which loads the Schema classes from the sub-directories already. You
>still need to make all of them match: "Regles" or "Regle" but not
>a mixture of both.

When i create a schema object with:

my $schema=OGS2::Schema->connect(...);

With :

print Dumper($schema);

The class_loaded entry is empty.



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