[Dbix-class] DBIC Article in LXF

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Thu Oct 13 17:35:55 GMT 2011

Linux Format (LXF) is a general purpose Linux magazine in the UK. It 
seems to be aimed at a largely non-technical audience.

A few months ago, they published a really terrible Perl tutorial. I 
wrote and complained about it[1]. They offered me the chance to do better.

LXF151 hits the shelves about now and it contains my article. It's a 
really simple introduction to DBIC.

I'm not sure what the my re-publication rights are, but I've put the PDF 
online at http://dave.org.uk/LXF151.code_perl.pdf. If they complain, I 
may have to remove it.

Hope you enjoy it.


[1] http://perlhacks.com/2011/04/an-open-letter-to-linux-format/

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