[Dbix-class] Announcing DBIx::Class 0.08198

Erik Colson eco at ecocode.net
Fri Aug 10 05:39:32 GMT 2012

Bill Moseley <moseley at hank.org> writes:

> On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 11:03 AM, Erik Colson <eco at ecocode.net> wrote:
>> I have been able to trace the problem, or at least one problem. Bill,
>> Probably the column 'source' is the 17th in your database table.
> 20th column for me.  Out of 22.
> I was able to reproduce with just this (which was still in my test setup):
> __PACKAGE__->add_columns( qw/ id source /);
> I will look again when I have some time in the next day or so when I can
> focus on it again.

hmmm... weird :/

I've tried to make a test for DBIx::Class, adding columns to the Artist
table. But the problem did not occur :/ May be it is related to the DBI
backend which in my project is mysql and in the DBIx::Class test suite
is sqlite ? It sounds unlikely, but I've not checked the internals of
DBI and DBIx::Class, so just looking from my project side on this

As I can't reproduce the bug with the DBIx::Class test data suite, I'm
thinking about sending a somehow narrowed project which should show the
failure to this list.. Would that be helpfull ?


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