[Dbix-class] using store_column as cache?

Mitchell Elutovich melutovich at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 11:45:45 GMT 2015

I know that when loading in from the DB I can use a "+select..." to add in
additional column(s).

I can then check to see if the column(s) were loaded by "+select" using

If a transient "column" is fetched the first time another way and not the
"+select"; I'd like to do "store_column" to cache the value so that the
next time has_column_loaded would be true and it would act as a cache.

Since this is a transient column that is not in the database I assume I
should not use "set_column" since the column and the object would be
considered dirty and a subsequent update could be impacted.

Does this seem correct?

thanks in advance.
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