[Dbix-class] Making DBD::Pg to return Postgres arrays as Perl arrays

Adam Sjøgren asjo at koldfront.dk
Thu May 7 20:04:47 GMT 2015

Tim writes:

>>   $schema->resultset('Vehicle')->create({ entrylist=>[
>>                                                       [ 'a', '2015-05-07', 'info', 'adsj' ],
>>                                                       [ 'b', '2015-05-07', 'more', 'adsj' ],
>>                                                      ] });

> Take a look at https://metacpan.org/pod/PGObject::Type::Composite

Yeah, Chris pointed me to that as well.

I just thought that when DBD::Pg handles "simple" arrays, handling
arrays of tuples wouldn't be much further a step.

On the write side, the above is turned into {{a,...},{b,...}}, so the
only problem is that the inner {},{} should be (),() instead.

On the read side, there might be more complications.

I haven't looked into DBD::Pg, I was just curious if I was overlooking
existing functionality.



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