[Dbix-class] Please review my proposed CPAN Module: DBIx-Class-Schema-VersionCheck

Daniel Böhmer post at daniel-boehmer.de
Fri Jan 6 12:58:21 GMT 2017

Hello DBIC devs and users, escpecially fREW,

I poured some work of mine into a dedicated Perl distribution and think 
uploading it to CPAN. My hope is to get some feedback from you.

Currently you can find the code only on Github:

Before uploading it to CPAN in the first place I'd like to know:

- Are there any existing modules doing the same job?

- Before occupying the namespace: Do have any thoughts on the name?

Even after uploading I am interested in:

- bug reports

- feature requests

- patches in form of Github Pull Requests

- ideas how to enable automatic calling of check_version() during 
but still allowing deploying and therefor connecting to any empty DB w/o 

Here's the story of what the module is about:

I am adopting DBIC::DeploymentHandler in a project I'm currently working 
We agreed on having having a check on server startup to see if the 
has the same version as our schema. It wasn't trivial for me to find out 
to do that but the result are a few pretty generic lines. You can 
the module from your schema class and call check_version()

I am looking forward to your feedback and releasing the module.

Kind regards
Daniel Böhmer aka DBOEHMER

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