[Epo-marketing] Making noise

Mark Keating m.keating at shadowcat.co.uk
Fri Aug 14 13:04:37 GMT 2009

Hey all,
This list seems to have stalled in the past couple of months s I  
thought I would re-awaken it. What are our plans for marketing going  
to be in the next year. How about we set ourselves a goal and then  
perhaps foister it on someone to make it happen (our new resident Evil  
Director who is keen on promoting seems good) :)

My thoughts are:
1. Work out a combined image for Perl - should it be the font as has  
been suggested or the logo - do we use the Onion/Camel or perhaps a  
new one that we get a design for - get it agreed on and then Creative  
Commons the licence so we can all use it.
2. Get articles on Perl into the magazines again
3. Get Perl back into the colleges - aiming for a syllabus change  
would be hard - but lets get it in magazines/web pages etc., that  
computer science grads are reading

Please pitch in or I will come round with my little Kwickie Ba - you  
have been warned


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