[Handel] 0.99_05 - Can't locate object method "uuid"

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Thu Aug 24 14:43:15 CEST 2006

ryan lauterbach wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems when I call $c->model('Cart')->uuid my app isn't able to find 
> the appropriate uuid class.  I have UUID and Data::UUID installed.
> My Cart model looks like:
> package App::M::Cart;
> use strict;
> use warnings;
> use base qw/Handel::Cart/;
> __PACKAGE__->storage->connection_info(['dbi:mysql:db, 'user', 'pass']);
> 1;
> I take it Handel handles the rolling of the schema classes, so we don't 
> have to create them like with our other tables.

Define 'rolling'....
It will not setup the database table automatically...

> I saw something about __PACKAGE__->uuid_class()  which I see defined in 
> DBIx::Class::UUIDColumns.pm.   I tried using this method in my model but 
> can't find the method.  How can I get  my model to find the right uuid 
> generator, or how can I specifically set uuid_class in my app?
> Thanks,
> Ryan

/me mumbles again that all of the catalyst code is broken and hasn't
been updated for 0.99_0x dev versions....

For the uuid issue... add this to your models...

sub uuid {
    return shift->storage->new_uuid;

You're going to have this problem too:

...in 0.99, items ALWAYS returns an iterator in scalar context....
In line ~306 in your cart controller...

            my $item                 id => $id

Change that to:

            my $item                 id => $id


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