[Handel] checkout error "transactions not supported by database"

Jan Gerene jan at gerene.be
Fri Aug 25 18:19:30 CEST 2006

Op vrijdag 25 augustus 2006 17:43, schreef Christopher H. Laco:

> What version of DBI, DBD::mysql, and MySQL are you running?

DBI 1.52
DBD::mysql 3.0006
mysql 4.1.21

> There is some hubub on the net about newer MySQL/DBI/DBD versions
> bailing with the "transactions are not supported by database" error
> loudly when you're using MyISAM tables instead of InnoDB tables. In the
> past, autocommitng without InnoDB just did nothing silently.
> So, make sure you are running InnoDB tables and not MyISAM tables for
> starters. That's my first guess.

I am using MyISAM tables at the moment.  I will try with InnoDB tables and let 
you know.

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