[Handel] Portal cart

Kaare Rasmussen kaare at jasonic.dk
Fri Aug 25 21:05:55 CEST 2006

In order to finish a portal I'm working on, I need the cart to be able to 
handle more dealers per cart. I just want to make sure there will be no 

It seems easy to add a dealer_id column to the cart. Then I can sort and 
process the items when checking out. 
I have to make several orders per cart, one for each dealer. And the orders 
have to use an already defined schema. I expect it to be possible without too 
much hassle?

I see no methods to order or aggregate items per dealer, but perhaps 
Handel::Iterator can do this. I can't immediately see it from the 
documentation, but it might show up if I dig deeper.

The demo checkout saves a lot of customer information (billing and shipping) 
onto the order. I guess that it is rather easy to avoid, if you have another 
customer information schema.

As I said, just trying to avoid stupid mistakes, as I don't know how 
much "Portalness" Handel already carries.


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