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Kaare Rasmussen kaare at jasonic.dk
Fri Aug 25 21:50:21 CEST 2006

> How would two 'dealers' be any different? Or is the point that both
> dealers share the same cart record, but you need to tag item records per
> dealer?

Yes, one cart can have several items with different dealers. Should I 
use "supplier" instead?

> It would help me understand better what you're trying to accomplish with
> some concrete examples. Dealer A does this, Dealer B this, the system
> should do That, etc....maybe some database examples too.

Cart A:
item 1 => Dealer A, Sku xx, price...
Item 2 => Dealer B, Sku yy, price...

Checkout of cart A should create two orders, one linking the customer to 
dealer A, one to dealer B. Also it should send an email to each dealer. I 
think it has to send only one email to the customer.

> Hopefully. It depends on how far out the schema is from the default
> Handel schema in 0.99_0x.

I'm not sure at this point :-/ But I suppose it has the essential order 
information. The big difference is that customer information is in a separate 
table. Or several tables. One problem might be the price structure.

I may be forced to store orders like Handel wants it and kick off a process to 
transfer them. But I don't have the new schema yet. This is a separate 
problem though.


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