[Handel] Handel 0.99_02 bugs and problems...

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Tue Jun 6 15:26:57 CEST 2006

> -----------
> $my_order->reconcile() does not seem to like using classes that have the 
> new InflateColumn::DateTime component loaded. I think it's to do with the 
> way that copy_cart_items tries to make a copy of the order item. I guess 
> it's bypassing the deflate() method or something.
> _____

I'm not sure I follow this one yet. Right now, I try to copy columns by
name from storage to storage. I would think that would bypass and
inflate/deflate entirely.

> _____
> I have some order items that were generated with reconcile() (after 
> messing around with it and forcing an item in there)... but they don't 
> seem to be complete objects. That is, all the methods and columns that I 
> added to my OrderItem subclass are not available - I can only use those 
> methods which are defined in Handel::Order::Item. I can however access my 
> own methods/relationships etc by doing:
> $order->items->first->storage->my_method
> rather than 
> $order->items->first->my_method
> (Can't locate object method "my_method" via package "VBTN::Order::Item" at 
> (eval 688) line 89. 
> Sorry bout all that!

I know the copying of items needs some work to be more generic. I just
haven't gotten there outside of making the default tests work.

I think this one is going to need a test, and maybe some subclasses so I
can understand the problem. Checkout t/order_reconcile.t and
t\lib\Handel\Subclassing for starters.

And file thius stuff in RT so I don't forget when I get back. :-)

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