[Handel] [OT] Canada/CYA

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Thu Jun 8 13:47:02 CEST 2006

I'm leaving early Friday morning for my yearly fishing trip to Canada.
No lights, no motors cars, no cell phone signals, no electric, and
*sniff sniff* no internet. We do have propane and propane accessories. :-)

Considering I hit a deer 4 miles from home on the 12 hour return drive
last year, I figured it might be worth taking some small precautions
this year.

I don't really give a poop about most of the crap on my servers, but I'd
like to keep Handel alive. I've placed a fresh copy of the subversion
repo at http://handelframework.com/downloads/svn.zip just in case. It
contains all my modules, including Handel, as well as the Handel website

This brings up an issue I need to take care of when I get back. Once I'm
not knee deep in the 1.0 redesign, I'll be looking for a volunteer or
two to spread svn/blog/cpan dist access to as both a CYA measure, and to
 make Handel more of a non-one-man-band module. I'll be honest, that
scares me as I'm a control freak, but it needs to be done. Plus, I'll
want to get going on Mango once Handel 1.0 is stable.

I should be back to the land of the living late Saturday night (18th),
or Sunday morning (19th).


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