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Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Wed Oct 11 17:07:56 GMT 2006

[For those who don't read da blog...]

After a few different people have struggled through customizing their
use of Handel, I decided that it might be worth it to hack together a
quick start script that took care of all the basic subclassing hoopla.
The new module can be found in the 1.0 dev branch and it requires that
you have Module::Starter installed.

To create a new project, call the module-starter script passing in the
class parameter, the project name and the other parameters required by

> module-starter --class=Module::Starter::Handel --module=MyProject --author="Me" --email="me at example.com" --verbose

and you should end up with some nice new spiffy project modules:

> Created MyProject
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Cart.pm
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Cart
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Cart\Item.pm
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Storage
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Storage\Cart.pm
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Storage\Cart
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Storage\Cart\Item.pm
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Order.pm
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Order
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Order\Item.pm
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Storage\Order.pm
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Storage\Order
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Storage\Order\Item.pm
> Created MyProject\lib\MyProject\Checkout.pm
> Created MyProject\t
> Created MyProject\t\pod-coverage.t
> Created MyProject\t\pod.t
> Created MyProject\t\boilerplate.t
> Created MyProject\t\00-load.t
> Created MyProject\.cvsignore
> Created MyProject\Makefile.PL
> Created MyProject\MANIFEST
> Created starter directories and files

All of the subclassing and setting of things like order_class,
checkout_class, cart_class, item_class, create_accessors, etc are
already done.

It's not perfect, but it should ease starting from scratch for those who
aren't going to use Handel as-is.

You can get the current version in the 1.0 dev branch, or wait until
0.99_15 hits CPAN, which should be sometime next week.



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