[Handel] Basic Handel w/o Catalyst questions

Curtis Fletcher curtis.fletcher at pharmaventures.com
Mon Oct 30 10:56:45 GMT 2006

Hi all

I'm writing (yet another) basic cart app for my current company so I
thought I'd take a look at Handel. Now I'm looking at using Catalyst for
some of out internal UI stuff but not on out externally facing machines.
Are there any quick start guides for using handel without Catalyst?
Neither is mod_perl really an option so without a persistent environment
what sort of setup would you need per-CGI (__PACKAGE__ style
declarations and the suchlike) to make the handel objects available and

I've looked at the new subclass-generator and have been trying to trace
back to find out which methods I need to override. And I'm having a
little trouble wrapping my head around what I'd need to subclass to use
multiple currencies.

Basically my company has 3 prices for each item (USD/GBP/AUD) and the
country is declared upfront then it only shows you those prices. So
would I be subclassing something in the Handel::Storage::DBIC hierarchy
and altering which column is considered "cost" for each of the 3
variants or can anyone think of a better way to start?

If any of these questions have been answered please just point me in the
right direction.

Hey if there isn't a non-Catalyst quickstart guide if I can get my head
around it I'll write one myself (I have to say though after looking at
Handel and Catalyst I feel like I've fallen into some alternate universe
where perl is similar but not quite that same as the perl I'm used to.
:) )

Curtis Fletcher
Software Developer

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