[html-formfu] Fields with visual indicator

Ferruccio Zamuner nonsolosoft at diff.org
Mon Dec 17 12:13:36 GMT 2007

fireartist: "If you could send a message to the mailing list describing 
what result you're wanting
to achieve (visuals, markup, coding style, etc?), then hopefully we'll 
be able to
come up with a solution. "

With HTML::FormFu 0.01006 I was using Multi nested and Block element to 
build some form with visual validating indicator next each field, just like:


The idea is simple, don't let user submit form if you can tell him that 
choosen username is already used or tell him that its email is not 
valid, or if he has typed email twice but with different email 
addresses, and so on.


Each field has its own indicator or check:


Of course there are many way to do this, I was using something like:


I know that I was not using documented features and that HTML::FormFu is 
a developer release yet, but I would like to understand if there is a 
better practice or how you have made such kind of widget.

Best regards,               \ferz

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