[html-formfu] Spanish I18n

Diego Kuperman diego at freekeylabs.com
Thu Dec 20 23:56:20 GMT 2007

Wow, that's fast!

Carl Franks wrote:
> On 20/12/2007, Diego Kuperman <diego at freekeylabs.com> wrote:
>> Hi!,
>> I'm just start playing with FormFu, it looks really good, no questions
>> by now :)
>> I discovered that it has i18n support (great!) with no Spanish
>> translation, so I wrote it. The docs says that the best way to
>> collaborate with code is asking for commit permission into the google
>> svn... may I (my google alter ego) "relampago" be added to the commiters
>> list?
> You're most welcome to pitch in! I've added you as a project member,
> so you should have commit access.
> You'll need to ensure you check out the https url, to be able to commit:
> https://html-formfu.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/HTML-FormFu
hmmm... I can see my username on the project homepage but then the https 
doesn't like my credentials... does it take some time to propagate, it 
has some trick or I can start blaming svk? :p

> For a complete listing of the currently supported i18n keys, I suggest
> you take a copy of en.pm and edit it. Just make sure you add "use
> utf8;" if you use any unicode, and make sure your editor saves the
> file as UTF-8.
Yes, is what I've done ;)


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