[html-formfu] Question about load_config_files and order of elements

Andreas Marienborg omega at palle.net
Sun May 13 14:18:37 GMT 2007


I have just started playing with HTML::FormFu, and find it rather 
enjoyable :)

I have a few questions though. As far as I can understand, one is 
supposed to be able to split a form over several config-files? How does 
one maintain order of fields in such an event?

I tried the following two files, which ends up putting the elements from 
the included file first:
auto_fieldset: 1
    - type: select
      name: to
      label: To
          - Required

load_config_file: forms/message.yml

indicator: title
auto_fieldset: 1
    - type: text
      name: title
      label: Subject
          - Required
    - type: textarea
      name: body
      label: Body
    - type: submit

also, is it possible to make it (at least when using the controller base 
class) so that I can load_from_config: message, so it is more consistant 
with how the base-class loads config files?

thanks for a great start :)

- andreas

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