[html-formfu] RFC: automatic constraints from DBIx::Class column_info

Brian Cassidy brian.cassidy at nald.ca
Thu May 17 14:21:21 GMT 2007

Carl Franks wrote:
> I've added an experimental new method - constraints_from_dbic() -
> which I'd like feedback on.
> Is this the right way to approach getting auto-constraints for
> database columns, and is the interface any good?

Just off the top of my head, could you not also provide this sort of 
thing from the DBIx::Class::FormFu component?

NB: I haven't actually thought that comment out, but our internal 
DBIx::Class::FormValidator component that we use here at $work will let 
you do this:

$c->model( 'Foo::Bar' )->validator_profile(
	constraint_methods => { .... }
	# etc...

which will merge with a profile generated by the col_info metadata.


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