[html-formfu] Blank form fields mean nothing comes in on a submit?

Barry Hoggard bhoggard at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 01:01:01 GMT 2007

If I have a field that did contain information, and I clear it out, it
doesn't show up in the list of Body Parameters in catalyst, which
means that populate_from_formfu doesn't empty out the field.  I've put
some of my yml file below.  In this case I can't leave URL blank in
order to get it cleared out.  I don't have any filters activated.  Am
I doing something wrong?  I'm using version 0.01003.

action: /auth/event_edit
auto_id: %n
auto_fieldset: 1
auto_constraint_class: %t

 - type: Hidden
   name: location
 - type: Text
   name: name
   label: Name
   size: 80
   constraints: Required

 - type: Text
   name: url
   label: URL
   size: 80
    - type: Regex
      common: [ URI, HTTP, { '-scheme': 'http' } ]

Barry Hoggard

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