[html-formfu] Blank form fields mean nothing comes in on a submit?

Jason Kohles email at jasonkohles.com
Thu Sep 6 14:01:46 GMT 2007

On Sep 1, 2007, at 8:01 PM, Barry Hoggard wrote:

> If I have a field that did contain information, and I clear it out, it
> doesn't show up in the list of Body Parameters in catalyst, which
> means that populate_from_formfu doesn't empty out the field.  I've put
> some of my yml file below.  In this case I can't leave URL blank in
> order to get it cleared out.  I don't have any filters activated.  Am
> I doing something wrong?  I'm using version 0.01003.
If the empty field is indeed not showing up in the body parameters  
list in Catalyst (meaning that the debug table that Catalyst prints  
out when you submit a form doesn't contain a value for that field,  
but does contain a value for other fields) then I would start by  
trying a different browser, if your browser doesn't submit a value  
for empty fields, then it's broken.

On the other hand, if you don't see the "Body Parameters are:"  
followed by a list of the parameters in the debug output when you  
submit the form, then your Catalyst app may have parse_on_demand set  
in it's configuration, which means Catalyst won't automatically parse  
your submitted parameters, and you have to do it yourself (or turn  
parse_on_demand off).

> action: /auth/event_edit
> auto_id: %n
> auto_fieldset: 1
> auto_constraint_class: %t
> elements:
>  - type: Hidden
>    name: location
>  - type: Text
>    name: name
>    label: Name
>    size: 80
>    constraints: Required
>  - type: Text
>    name: url
>    label: URL
>    size: 80
>    constraint:
>     - type: Regex
>       common: [ URI, HTTP, { '-scheme': 'http' } ]
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