[html-formfu] Hello world, FormFu

Bernhard Graf formfu at augensalat.de
Mon Sep 10 13:10:22 GMT 2007

Carl Franks wrote:

> Speaking for myself, it's hard to see what simple things might be
> missing, when I'm so familiar with the system :)
> If you come across anything else that's not explained well, or any
> other annoyances, please let us know, and the documentation will
> continue to improve.
> I've expanded the documentation to explain the templating a bit

In fact that would have been my next question.
The templates seem quite sophisticated and certainly need some 
explanation, esp. when customizing the output.

> better. I've also added a script, as you suggested, to automatically
> install the templates.

Fine. :-)

> I tend to use HTML::FormFu with Catalyst, and there's already a
> helper script which does that - see Catalyst::Helper::HTML::FormFu

So the documentation should state how much it is related to TT2 and 

> Also note, that most of the documentation uses the old lowercase
> field types, such as 'text', 'submit', etc.

Of course I recognized that, but this error was quite easy to handle.

> I'll be pushing out another cpan release in the next day or two which
> will fix all of these issues.

Many thanks.

ATM I'm using HTML::Widget and since you have been the last maintainer 
of that package I expect HTML::FormFu to be a leap forward.
The things that annoyed me most on HTML::Widget was
- it breaks the MVC paradigm
- customizing is a real PITA (thus binds to much ressources when
  developing with it).
I'm interested in how H:F addresses those things.

Bernhard Graf

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