[html-formfu] Standalone testing with FormFu

Thomas L. Shinnick tshinnic at io.com
Mon Sep 24 05:15:12 GMT 2007

Still playing with the vertically-aligned example and trying out 
various features, including the validation constraints and error 
messages.  But how to test the input error checking without lots of 
code or embedding into another program?

It is possible to feed sample input values into FormFu using the YAML 
config file.  At the end of my FormFu .yml I added

     contact_phone: testing
     contact_email: tshinnic at gmail.com

to set the form's 'input' values.

I had tried to use the "process:" key as documented, but because the 
config loading is still going on process() really can't, uh, process 
yet.  So to force 'input' processing to test constraints and all, I 
simply added a process() call to the short demo program.
     my $form = HTML::FormFu->new;

     my $tt = Template->new;
         { form => $form },
     ) || die $tt->error;

I can feed bad values in, or leave some required values missing, and 
generally try out lots of combinations of errors, all without much 
coding.  Just being lazy...
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