[html-formfu] Standalone testing with FormFu

Mario Minati mario.minati at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 24 08:06:39 GMT 2007

On Monday 24 September 2007 06:15:12 Thomas L. Shinnick wrote:
> Still playing with the vertically-aligned example and trying out
> various features, including the validation constraints and error
> messages.  But how to test the input error checking without lots of
> code or embedding into another program?
> It is possible to feed sample input values into FormFu using the YAML
> config file.  At the end of my FormFu .yml I added
> query:
>      contact_phone: testing
>      contact_email: tshinnic at gmail.com
> to set the form's 'input' values.
> I had tried to use the "process:" key as documented, but because the
> config loading is still going on process() really can't, uh, process
> yet.  So to force 'input' processing to test constraints and all, I
> simply added a process() call to the short demo program.
>      my $form = HTML::FormFu->new;
>      $form->load_config_file('uw1.yml');
>      $form->process;
>      my $tt = Template->new;
>      $tt->process(
>          'uw1.tt',
>          { form => $form },
>          'uw1.html',
>      ) || die $tt->error;
> I can feed bad values in, or leave some required values missing, and
> generally try out lots of combinations of errors, all without much
> coding.  Just being lazy...

Why don't you just call $form->render after calling process?


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