[html-formfu] Moose branch merged into trunk

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 22:17:57 GMT 2010

I've merged the Moose branch back into trunk - but before releasing it
to cpan, we need to do some testing and see if anything breaks!

I anticipate that any custom elements or processors may need slight
changes to continue working.
Also anything that calls isa() on elements or constraints may need
updated, as many base classes have been moved into Moose Roles.

Please test your code against trunk, and report any problems - and
I'll be happy to help advise with any changes required to your code.


btw, has everyone heard about / checked out The Lacuna Expanse?
It's a free online game with the backend written in Perl using Moose /
I've only been playing a day and a half, and am quite addicted already :)

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