[html-formfu] Taking default value when not supplied in query

Wicked bits wickedbits at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 16:10:13 GMT 2010

When FormFu processes a query that contains only some of the defined fields,
how can the fields that don't appear in the query have their default
value(s) in $form->params?


use strict;
use HTML::FormFu;
use Data::Dumper;

my $form =3D HTML::FormFu->new;

$form->indicator('foo');  # only foo is required to be considered submitted

# required field
name           =3D> 'foo',
 constraints    =3D> 'Required'

# optional field - when bar is not supplied, should use its default
name           =3D> 'bar',
 type           =3D> 'Select',
 default        =3D> 'b',
 retain_default =3D> 1,
 values         =3D> [qw/ a b c /],

# bar is not supplied as part of query
 foo =3D> 'a'

print Dumper( $form->params );

# output:

# $VAR1 =3D {
#    'foo' =3D> 'a'
# };

# desired output:

# $VAR1 =3D {
#    'foo' =3D> 'a',
#    'bar' =3D> 'b'
# };
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