[html-formfu] HTML5 'placeholder' text

Matthias Dietrich perl at rainboxx.de
Tue Apr 26 21:22:56 GMT 2011


because I needed this feature today I fork'ed the github repo and implemented the placeholder fields for field types Text and Textarea.  Please see https://github.com/rainboxx/HTML-FormFu for details.  I changed the HTML compiling within the Perl code and not the TT templates as I don't know how they are used.  I don't know if a placeholder_xml is needed as I don't yet know what the *_xml fields are good for — help appreciated.

Carl, can you please take a look at the code (commit https://github.com/rainboxx/HTML-FormFu/commit/a611fbb44089bb3707a9d1663b61d801e8801536 ) and tell me if that is everything that needs hands on and if I should change the TT files (and how to test these files)?

I still need to make changes to the documentation as well as implement tests for placeholders (corresponding to the label tests).


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