[html-formfu] project status

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 20:27:30 GMT 2011

My apologies for the lack of updates lately: my job has changed over
the past year, so I don't have much call to use FormFu any more, and
my family life doesn't give me any spare time to work on this.

I've given contributor access to everyone who has made any
contributions to the github projects, meaning you can make commits
directly to my repositories.
If anyone wishes to step-up to take over / coordinate / oversee the
project, you're most welcome to make your own fork the master, and
change the documentation accordingly.
I can also give you the admin password for this mailing list.

This doesn't mean I won't be making any more contributions - just that
it's not fair for me to be a block to progress.

I'm not certain, but it looks like only myself can give contributor
access to my own repositories - so if anyone else wants commit access
in the meantime, just let me know - I'll still be subscribed to this

Moritz Onken (PERLER) and Andreas Marienborg (ANDREMAR) both have
rights on pause (the cpan uploader) to upload files for:

Here are some notes, which should probably be added to the docs somewhere :)

The test suite for HTML-FormFu should always pass when using both the
internal renderer, and TT.
The internal renderer is tested by default, by just running:
    $ prove -lr t
    $ perl Makefile.PL
    $ make test

You can test the TT renderer by setting the environment variable
On *nix, you can just run:
    $ HTML_FORMFU_RENDER_METHOD=tt prove -lr t

Before making a release, you should check the author tests pass:
    $ prove -lr xt

I often forget(!), but you should try to run all .pm and .t files
through perltidy before making a release.
All the distributions should have an identical .perltidyrc file in the
root directory.

This will tidy up all .pm and .t files in the lib/ and t/ directories:
    $ find lib -name '*.pm' -exec perltidy -b '{}' \;
    $ find t -name '*.pm' -exec perltidy -b '{}' \;
    $ find t -name '*.t' -exec perltidy -b '{}' \;

And then to delete the backup files that were created:
    $ find lib -name '*.bak' -exec rm '{}' \;
    $ find t -name '*.bak' -exec rm '{}' \;

Many thanks to everyone who's contributed so far, and I hope that
y'all will help to keep the project going on!

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