[html-formfu] More complex DBIC/FormFu interaction

Gabor HALASZ halasz.g at freemail.hu
Thu Jan 13 15:03:48 GMT 2011

On 2011.01.13. 15:09, Carl Franks wrote:
> Tracing the code, I think the only reason default_values() isn't dying
> is because the 'condition' isn't being used by it at all.

Ok, this confused me :)

> I think you need to change the "id" in the config to either "me.id" or
> "map_actions.id", as appropriate.

Yes, I think about this solution (me.id works), but I wasn't sure about 
the correct formfu's way.


Gabor HALASZ <halasz.g at freemail.hu>

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