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Nigel Metheringham nigel at dotdot.it
Mon May 2 08:34:55 GMT 2011

On 29 Apr 2011, at 21:27, Carl Franks wrote:

> I'm not certain, but it looks like only myself can give contributor
> access to my own repositories - so if anyone else wants commit access
> in the meantime, just let me know - I'll still be subscribed to this
> list.

I think you could have a more distributed management of project
contributors on github by setting up an Organisation (or possibly
converting your account to an organization, which would mean that
the git paths should stay unchanged).  You can then have a number
of people with permissions to enable others to have access.

However I have not done this with a public organization (I have
access to one private org) so would be best to get advice on how
well this works from people using it in anger.  I do know a few
multi member open source projects are set up in this way.

You can see the Organization stuff on github by going to the your
account page and clicking the Organizations tab - 


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