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Stefan catalyst at
Tue Sep 13 12:36:25 GMT 2011

Hi Octavian,


>I don't know if there is a value_loc option for select/radio elements
because I never needed such a thing, but if there is not, you can get the
localized value after submitting the form and in the form print just the key
you want to localize (because the users can't see that key anyway).


Sorry, I miswrote it a little bit. The value_loc exists for eg the submit
button. But if I want to localize an options array I have to do it by the
long way mentioned in the post before. It seems that there is no options_loc
(Post from 2007: 
I need the localization with options to generate localized html code like
the following:

<select name="type">

<option value="1">Anfrage</option>

<option value="2">Buchung</option>




    # Request type

    - type: Select

      name: type

      label_loc: type


        - value: '1'

          label_loc: request

        - value: '2'

          label_loc: booking


is doing this job.


Thanks anyway for your response!


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