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Robyn Jonahs learn.catalyst at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 13:33:15 GMT 2012


I am using Catalyst 5.90011 with HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC and mysql

I am having a problem where I can't get the default value set in mysql and
also in my Catalyst Schema::Result to get inserted into the database. It
a null value in rather than my default value. For example, this is a

In the Schema::Result::File.pm

  { data_type =3D> "tinyint", default_value =3D> 0, is_nullable =3D> 1 },

In the YAML form definition
    # Trip?
    - type: Checkbox
      name: trip
      label: Trip Expense?

I get an empty checkbox with a new form, but if I don't check it, then it
gets set in the database as Null

If I check it and uncheck it, it gets put into the database as Null

If I check it, it gets put in the database as 1

Why won't it insert the default value of 0?

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