[html-formfu] FormFu many_to_many YAML declaration

Gabor HALASZ halasz.g at freemail.hu
Thu Apr 12 21:21:05 GMT 2012

On 4/12/2012 5:04 PM, Robyn Jonahs wrote:
> Hrm, so go into the test directory for the various modules? I will look
> into those on my local install.

It depends on your environment, the binary packages not contains the 
unit tests, but most of the perl modules sources are available and 
browseable at cpan.org. Or you can download the sources via cpan shell 
or other ways.

> I am pretty "new" to perl and object oriented programming. Based on the
> recommendation of a friend, I have been learning both as I go through
> making mock up web applications to play with mysql and sqlite. I really
> like Catalyst but perl has a steep learning curve... and the many ways
> to do things... sometimes can be confusing. I really appreciate all the
> help.

I think, Catalyst is a bit complex for beginners. You must familiar with 
Moose (for oop) and DBix::Class and Perl itself. The Definitive Guide to 
Catalyst (apress.com, isbn 978-1-4302-2366-5) is a good guide for 
newbies; and contains many useful informations about general perl 
infrastucture and development procedures.

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