[html-formfu] title attribute and title_loc, placeholder and placeholder_loc

Ferruccio Zamuner nonsolosoft at diff.org
Wed Jan 2 17:27:09 GMT 2013


I would like to use 'title' attribute in my form elements
and the new 'placeholder' attribute for HTML5 browsers.

How is HTML::FormFu supporting them?

Of course it is wonderful if it's possible to use something like

      - type: Text
        name: subject
        label_loc: Subject
        title_loc: page subject
        placeholder_loc: type here the page subject
        size: 45
#         onchange: check_title(this.value)
          tabindex: 0
          - type: Required
           - TrimEdges
           - type: Encode
               - utf8
               - iso-8859-1
               - iso-8859-9
             encode_to: UTF-8

Thank you in advance and Happy New Year,            \ferz

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