[html-formfu] DateTime without date

Gabor HALASZ halasz.g at freemail.hu
Tue Jan 8 15:06:52 GMT 2013


My current problem is the $subject. My config is:

auto_inflate                    1
field_order                     hour
field_order                     minute
field_order                     second
label_loc                       form.label.time
name                            time
type                            DateTime
strftime                        %H:%M:%S
     title_loc                   form.title.time

The form is rendered, defaults are loaded, and the variables sent back 
correctly from the browser:

| time_hour            | 15                                   |
| time_minute          | 52                                   |
| time_second          | 30                                   |

but the vaildation always fails with invalid date. The datetime without 
time works well. What's wrong?

Gabor HALASZ <halasz.g at freemail.hu>

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