[Html-widget] Styling forms with lists

Tobias Kremer t at funkreich.de
Thu Sep 14 16:43:13 CEST 2006

I just came across this form styling tutorial:


I think the way it's done is pretty smart and I'd like to implement this
using HTML::Widget. Building a container class which overrides _build_element
to have every element inserted into a <li>..</li> block was no big deal. But
unfortunately I couldn't find a way to alter the Fieldset element in a way
that it outputs the neccessary opening and closing <li> tags:

<fieldset><ol> ... </ol></fieldset>

Any ideas on how to pull this off?

Furthermore I wonder if somebody has already managed to display a date
entry field as shown in the example with HTML::Widget (year, month, date in
the same row). Maybe a HTML::Widget::Element::Date class would makes sense.

-- Tobias

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