[Html-widget] please test svn trunk; imminent cpan release

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 16:22:01 CEST 2006

There's been quite a few changes recently, so I'd like to push out
another CPAN release.

Could anyone interested please test the svn version at

Changes since 1.08 include:
Major embed/fieldset changes
        - Embedding completely refactored by Michael Gray.
        - Can add elements to Fieldset elements, as an alternative to using
        - process() is now called for embedded widgets.

New options
        - New $w->xhtml_strict accessor. When true, doesn't allow non-block
          elements at the top-level of a form.
        - New $w->explicit_ids( 1 ) method, stops auto-generation of id's in
          the xml output.
        - New CallbackOnce constraint
        - New HTML::Widget::Manual::Developer.pod

Changes in behaviour
        - After form submission, $result->as_xml() no longer uses an elements'
          default value if that field wasn't submitted.
        - Removed In constraint change added in v1.08 (in which validate
          automatically passed an empty in() list)
        - Select elements no longer automatically get an implicit In constraint
          added. Set constrain_options() to true to get the old behaviour.
        - RadioGroup elements no longer automatically get an implicit In
          constraint added. Set constrain_values to true to get the old

The documentation has been reworked, including changing all method headers from
=head2 $self->foo($bar)
=head2 foo
so that internal pod / html linking now works.
Arguments and return values are listed seperately, in the same manner
as the DBIx::Class docs.

All tests now also run with strict and warnings on.

You can see the full Changes file at

Thanks to everyone who've given feedback / suggestions, and especially
patches and tests!


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