[Html-widget] Possible bug with undef in DBIx::Class::HTMLWidget?

stephen joseph butler stephen.butler at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 15:27:02 GMT 2007

On 4/2/07, Zbigniew Lukasiak <zzbbyy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for such a detailed analysis of the problem.  I'll apply your
> patch and release a new version of HTML::Widget::DBIC.
> But explaining the current situation - I am waiting for the
> HTML::FormFu to be released and then I'll convert the DBIC code to be
> based on it and make HTML::Widget::DBIC obsolete.

Well... I found some other bugs too in the meantime. As a pretty bad
one, I had a submit element called 'delete' along with 'save' and
'cancel' and suddenly my rows started getting deleted whenever I
submitted a form! Here's the current version I'm using, which fixes
that and a couple problems with undef too:

sub fill_widget {
    my ($dbic,$widget)=@_;

    croak('fill_widget needs a HTML::Widget object as argument')
        unless ref $widget && $widget->isa('HTML::Widget');
    my @real_elements = $widget->find_elements;

    foreach my $element ( @real_elements ) {
        my $name=$element->name;
        next unless $name && $dbic->result_source->has_column($name)
&& $element->can('value');
        if($element->isa('HTML::Widget::Element::Checkbox')) {
		  } else {
		      if (ref $dbic->$name and $dbic->$name->can('id') and $dbic->$name->id) {
		      } else {
				    unless $element->isa('HTML::Widget::Element::Password');

sub populate_from_widget {
	my ($dbic,$result)=@_;
    	croak('populate_from_widget needs a HTML::Widget::Result object
as argument')
        	unless ref $result && $result->isa('HTML::Widget::Result');

	#   find all checkboxes
    my %cb = map {$_->name => undef } grep {
$_->isa('HTML::Widget::Element::Checkbox') }
    my $params = $result->params;

    foreach my $col ( $dbic->result_source->columns ) {
        my $col_info = $dbic->column_info($col);
        my $value = scalar($result->param($col));

        next unless exists $params->{ $col } || exists $cb{ $col };

        if (defined $value) {
            if ($col_info->{data_type} and $col_info->{data_type} =~
                and $value eq '') {
                $value = undef;
            } elsif (!ref($value) and $value eq 'undef') {
                $value = undef;

    return $dbic;

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