[Html-widget] FormFu: Catalyst FormConfig + manual constraints

Mario Minati mario.minati at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 18 19:28:18 GMT 2007

Am Mittwoch 18 April 2007 09:49 schrieben Sie:
> > Something else I just came across: After setting the following option in
> > my YML form config file:
> >
> > languages:
> >   - de
> >
> > all labels and comments in my form seem to be double-utf8-encoded (I'm
> > already using utf-8 for everything) when the form is redisplayed after
> > submitting it.
> I still had Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode loaded and have now removed it.
> As a result my labels and comments are okay after submitting the form
> but now the localized FormFu messages are not displayed properly. So I
> took a look at HTML::FormFu::I18N::de and removed the "use utf8" at
> the beginning and everything seems to work.
> Any ideas? :)

The "use utf8" tell perl that the file itself contains utf8 encoded 
characters, the german umlauts.

So that should stay in place.

I'm useing Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding and everything seems to work
(not heavyliy tested yet).


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