[Html-widget] HTML::FormFu files

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 14:31:58 GMT 2007


For anyone interested, I've released the code for my new "formfu"
project into a public repository.

At the moment, I'm using it in a few projects, but even in the past
week I've still been making API changes which break
For this reason, there won't be any cpan release for quite a while,
until I'm confident the API is stable.

It is based on HTML::Widget, but its interface differs, so you can't
just replace HTML::Widget with it, and expect things to work.
There's a small amount of documentation in lib/HTML/FormFu.pm and
lib/HTML/FormFu/Result/Form.pm - but I'll need to check how up-to-date
it is. My next priority is to expand the docs.
For now, the tests are the most reliable documentation.

HTML::FormFu can be checked out with subversion (or viewed with a
webbrowser) from:

There's also a Catalyst controller:

And a couple of extra form elements which use the Dojo library:

The respective project pages, which include wikis and issue trackers, are here:

I hope there's no objection to continuing to use this mailing list to
discuss formfu, for now, until I know whether there's going to be
enough demand to start a new list.


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