[MojoMojo] [Announce] MojoMojo 0.999028

Marcus Ramberg marcus at nordaaker.com
Thu Apr 23 11:05:10 GMT 2009

I'm happy to say that MojoMojo 0.999028 (The Almost1.0 release) will be
coming to a CPAN mirror near you soon.  This is the result of contributions
from a large number of people, and adds several new features, including a
full cleanup of the template set, polish, russian, catalan and spanish
translations, a new theme (Catalyst homepage) and a cpan module formatter as
well as docbook and file-include formatters. We also have jquery
improvements including maximize support, sticky javascript-based
vertical/horizontal split, dropdowns for syntax highlighters and recaptcha
support for anti-spam.

One important change is that we have replaced the \n=3D based syntax for
formatter extensions with {{ ... }} based formatters. We've also made
several of the formatters optional to make mojomojo easier to install for
people who don't need all the formatters.


0.999028 2009-04-23 11:58:00
        - Use oneshot timer instead of only_every to trigger preview update.
        - Make .profile smarter and link to it from .recent.
        - Clean up extra // in .recent URL's.
        - New formatter: {{cpan Some::Module}} auto-hyperlinks (dandv)
        - Use package scope for $kate syntax highlight object to reduce
memory leak (mateu)
        - Use jquery cookie to make split edit state sticky
        - Added maximization of the edit page (linio)
        - Instant edit window split mode toggle (horiz./vert.) preserves
content (linio)
        - Drop-downs for syntax highlighters, plugins and formatters (linio)
        - Set default theme directory when theme preference is NULL
        - Add inline view
        - reCAPTCHA support (linio)
        - localize: help message, admin home page, anonymous name and login
('anonymous coward')
        - Fixed displaying multiple user roles
        - Now FormFu label_loc can be localized by MojoMojo I18N
        - MojoMojo habla espa=F1ol (guikubivan)
        - Add polish translation (linio)
        - Improved wikilinks (UTF-8, parentheses, anchors) and added tests
        - Fixes for paragraphs in toolbar (linio)
        - Add Catalan language support
        - limit width of preview area in split edit.
        - expand_wikiword() only replaces underscores with spaces now.
        - match display name of page title, breadcrumb final node, and
search results.
        - Make search results byline for last edit author.
        - Limit preview width so long pre lines don't squash edit area.
        - Fix security check for attachments
        - Add Catalyst theme
        - Add tabs to "Syntax help" popup (batman)
        - Improved "Syntax help": does not cover textarea and features
tabbed navigation (batman)
        - Improved templates: removed js, inline css and most templates use
wrapper (batman)
        - Changed font-size: Removed ever px-based font-size, and set
default to 11pt (batman)
        - Improved w3c validation (batman)

With regards
Marcus Ramberg
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